About Us


About Us

We collect pieces of particular value to us which may in the future be of value to other collectors or those interested in gently-loved designer pieces. We are not flipping, thereby creating waste. Our pieces are with us for typically quite some time before we consider offering them here at The DC Closet.


Our storage methods are meticulous. We do our very best to keep all the original packaging and padding material, the tags, and - for those items which have them - the RFID identifiers. Occasionally, we will update the packaging to be in line with the current branding of a designer, especially if the client wishes.


For clothing or accessories and other articles of fashion, we follow these guidelines. A piece must:

(1) exemplify a designer's style and

(2) be unique in some perceivable way (however slight and/or appealing to a particular aesthetic) and

(3) pair well with multiple outfits or styles of outfit and

(4) achieve a balance between timeless elegance and modern creativity.

Only pieces which meet these criteria are chosen by us as investment items or to feature here at The DC Closet.


Interview with The DC Closet

How do you choose your accessories?

It’s almost always not about having an accessory just to have it (read: a Birkin). It’s about having a conversation piece, something that calls attention. I feel that accessories have to enhance your outfit - they cannot just be something you "put on". I want the bag or the hat or the shoes to make my outfit look better. It’s about building an identity.

What drives you to offer these pieces on The DC Closet, instead of just keeping them for yourself?

It's about sharing the joy, contributing to sustainability, the thought that my ideas might inspire people. Every time I find a new "something" to add to the collection, chances are that something else fades into the background of my mind and is more likely to stay a collection piece, on a shelf. That's not a good life for something beautiful, which could make someone else just as happy. So we offer these pieces in the hope that they can begin a new story.

How do you address the question of "circular fashion" as opposed to "just buying things to flip them"?

First of all, we don't "buy to flip". I believe that practice ultimately creates waste (especially with MTO pieces) and in effect cheapens the exclusivity and luxury of high fashion. To me, an exciting aspect of circular fashion is a chance to breathe new life into a piece - after it has been gently loved for a time or been a quiet unused part of a collection, one which I thought I might use and then never did because it was too beautiful. And that new life, in turn, reduces waste, because if one of our items speaks to a client then that client can begin their own story with it.

Why should clients consider purchasing from you rather than purchasing new items from a current designer collection?

We don't have to use the words "instead" or "rather". Everyone's sense of style - and what speaks to them - is different, and it shouldn't be a question of choosing a piece from The DC Closet "over" a current collection piece. The DC Closet simply offers our sense of style and what speaks to us. That will (hopefully) resonate with some people, and it likely won't with others. For those who find themselves drawn to similar styles as us, we hope they can find new-to-them pieces here which will compliment their aesthetic in addition to any current collection items they may be considering.

Do you have a favorite brand and/or designer?

Lee Alexander McQueen, without question. But from an accessories perspective, the materials and construction and artisanship at Fendi and Bottega are second to none. Christian Dior has always had my favorite handbags, however. Designers in general, though? John Galliano has always held a unique place in my heart, and don’t be surprised to hear me gushing about Tom Ford every now and then.

What do you think your pieces - or your curating - have to offer circular fashion clients?

I like to think that I have a sharp eye for aspects like construction, materials, uniqueness of shape, exclusivity. Quality of construction is a big thing for me - and is the biggest "make or break" decision point, but I'm also very focused on the artistic aspects. I love these little pieces of functional art or these things which really convey the message of the designer. I prefer whimsical pieces which always call attention or start conversations. I'm always going for the "where did you get that?!" effect. I hope that my focus on all these aspects can assure my clients that everything offered on The DC Closet has already been through rigorous scrutiny.

How do you price the items which you are offering to your clients?

We do our market research and perform what we call a "Scarcity Analysis" for every piece which we offer on our website. Some of our pieces are near-impossible to find now, and thus rate a higher-than-retail price because they have both low availability and high desirability. Other pieces, which are still available from the designer, will be listed at or below that retail price point. Ultimately, our goal is to set fair prices that to the best of our ability reflect the worth of the piece being offered.

What is the team like at The DC Closet?

Our team is small (which we like!), but everyone is plugged into what has been exceptional over the last few (rolling) fashion seasons, as well as their own favorite designers or favorite collections. Everyone has their own take on style, which we all manage to combine together into a love for the kinds of pieces we collect and curate. By focusing primarily on accessories right now, we manage to keep responsibilities light and costs low, which helps keep everyone happy.

What is one takeaway you'd like your clients to understand from this conversation?

First of all, that we are real and legitimate and very ethical about offering collector's pieces to the public. We have no serious social media presence, and though we're working on that I know it can seem odd in this day and age as an online seller for not have much of an Insta. But I also hope that our love for fashion and fashion as art shines through my answers here. Each of the pieces we offer here has a story of their own. They're like our babies, and I want each of them to grow up and find a lovely home someday.